Monday, December 28, 2015

How to handle mounting stress during Exam Preparations?

I'll keep it direct, precise and effective.
Follow these simple techniques   [ It = Mounting Stress ]
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You can do it!
  1. Welcome it, expect it. Look at it in the face.
  2. Take frequent small breaks. Re-energize.
  3. Laugh a lot. Crack jokes. Don't be serious-faced all the time.
  4. Exercise or walk (40 min) daily without mobile phone.
  5. Take a bath daily. Wear clean clothes. Keep your room tidy.
  6. Ask one or two close friends to perk you up regularly.
  7. Read one small motivational story each day.
  8. Take at least one day full off per month - no studies at all.
  9. Make your own notes, in good handwriting. Take ownership.
  10. Think of every success you've had so far, howsoever minor.
  11. Think of the less fortunate. You'll feel blessed.
  12. If you are religious, pray daily. But don't ask for anything!
  13. Meditate 5 to 10 min daily. Keep your mind still.
  14. Make a personal success mantra - short and sweet - repeat it regularly.
  15. Finally - go to the rooftop once a day - shout out loud - I WILL MAKE IT!
Positive frame of mind guaranteed! All the best.


Saras said...

Amazing !!!

Unknown said...

Energetic answers. Highly appreciated. Thanks Sir. Kar ke dikhayenge!