Thursday, December 31, 2015

Was Gabbar Singh of Sholay a philosopher disguised as a dacoit?

As 2016 rolls in, and 2015 sulks away, some really serious issues need to be tackled. Here goes.

Was Gabbar Singh of Sholay a philosopher disguised as a dacoit?

Yes, that is true. I guess he was one of the greatest philosophers out there, with a deep knowledge of taxation, statehood, world history and organisational behaviour.
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Kitne readers the?
Sample this -
  1. Gabbar ke taap se tumhe kewal ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai, khud Gabbar. (Only one man can save you from the fire of Gabbar - Gabbar himself) Does this not remind you of every single King that has ever ruled? You either fell in line and paid obeisance, or were steamrolled under their might. Examples - Mongols, Mughals, and just about everyone else
  2. Aur iske badle mere aadmi tumse thoda sa anaaj lete hain toh kya koi zulm harte hain, koi zulm nahin karte!  (And for that protection that I provide, if my men take some food from you, is that torture? Not at all) Does this not sound like every single Nation State that exists today? All honest citizens are born in bondage, and die so, happily paying taxes through their noses in return for the 'protection' they get.
  3. Jab tak tere pair chalenge, uski saans chalegi. Tere pair ruke, toh ye bandook chalegi. (As long as you dance, he will breathe. You stop, my gun will speak) Remember Mao Tse-tung of China? As long as people were willing to work themselves to death, he would be benevolent. Otherwise! A more recent one is the great leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea.
  4. Tera kya hoga Kaalia? (What's going to be your fate, Kaalia?) I have always felt that Kaalia could be replaced by a developing nation from the third world - ideally with some abundant natural resource - and Gabbar was USA. You got the drift, didn't you?
  5. Ye haath, mujhe de de thakur .... (Give me these hands of yours, Thakur) Remember the Enclosure Laws that the British parliament brought throughout the countryside and took over all small lands to pool into big farms? Marx wasn't wrong to call it wholesale private appropriation using State means. Another example - Colonialism across the world!
  6. Holi kab hai, kab hai holi? (When is the auspicious festival of Holi, exactly when?) Does this not remind you of your corporate boss who is always making you chase targets built around some national festival or event?
  7. Ab, goli kha! (Now, take this bullet!) In many conservative Indian villages, every boy who falls in love with a girl of a different caste has this nightmare every living moment.
  8. Soowar ke bachcho!  (Pigs' offsprings!) Will remind you of the last scolding your Boss gave you. Or, what Hitler did to his Generals when losing.  Or better still, what the machines told each other when crushed by Neo.
  9. Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaanv me koi bachcha rota hai toh maa kehti hai beta so ja, nahin to Gabbar aa jayega! (Mothers remind their wailing infants across this land to keep shut just in case Gabbar would arrive) I strongly suspect this is what every business owner forced to give chandato the local goon or politician tells his son - live below the radar and be safe.
  10. And finally - Jo darr gaya, samjho marr gaya. (The one who is scared, is as good as dead) Every single one of the millions who write UPSC /IIMCAT / IITJEE know this only too well. 
Long live philosopher-dacoit Gabbar Singh. My respectful salutes.



Saras said...

great post sir!

Unknown said...

First of all a very WARM and HAPPY NEW YEAR sir.
Sir i know history is full such dacoitist philosophy
which we cannot distinguish easily in our present
geopolitical scenario. But i would like to mention
that when dacoits were born, the Robinhood were
also born in parrallel (jay and Viru) in the past
and i can't find any such Robinhood that came in
present scenario who came up but
Bhagwan Shree Krishna said in Geeta-----


Mritarjun said...

Out of syllabus, great one.

sudip das said...

kutta (all politician) ma tera khoon pe jaunga.If Che Guevara alive he must tell to every aristocratic,capitalistic governmental system

i recommend you Basanti(every student of pt)in kutto ka samne mat nachana