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Great habits for 20-year olds to be productive & for success in life

I will write based on my own experience (of having been a 20 year old once!) and working actively with 20 year-olds for two decades now!
To be really efficient at your work, life and relationships, here is my recommended set of 7 great habits to follow -
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This is what we call 'losing oneself in work'!
  1. Be Organised - "I am depressed to see the percentage of people who do not put things back from where they picked it up". This simple truth has deep implications. It tells me that you do not value many things simultaneously - (i) a systematic approach, (ii) other people's time and effort, (iii) value of time itself, and perhaps (iv) you are an arrogant brat as well. When you pick a book and do not put it back where it belongs, it may look like a small error. But this is exactly what you'll do later in life with crucial Documents, Official Files, Expense Statements, costly objects, and soft files as well. In a nutshell, your workspace will be an aggregation of randomness and lack of any predictability. You will not be a good employee for any employer, or a good colleague for any ambitious achiever. So how to improve? Well, start right now, clean up your study-table, make a place for everything and keep it that way everyday. Do weekly/fortnightly cleaning of unwanted junk.
  2. Be Positive - We are surrounded with a lot of negativity always, of almost every type imaginable. Everyday, we have a choice to make - either we allow it to overpower us, or we create our own positivity. I have realised that it is a much better choice to do the latter. While we cannot shut our eyes to the problems, crimes, hunger and misery around us, we can keep reminding our inner selves that "I will do whatever little in my capacity to make this world a better place." That reinforcement alone can be magical. It can change your focus from brooding to contemplation, from shock-induced-inaction to positivity-driven-action. Much better to do your small bit each day, than be a great philosophiser speaking volumes and doing nothing. Every sentence spoken laced with negativity takes some life away from you.
  3. Appreciating your Age - Remind yourself daily that this is the best phase of life - young yet mature, energetic, starting up, painting a blank canvass literally! Do not envy those in positions of power - they regret having lost their youth. Do not envy the kids with no worries in the world - you can't turn the clock back at all. So focus on the today, the present, the moment right now. Plan a lot - not much of that will see the light of the day but it will make you very focussed on achieving things through a systematic approach.
  4. Getting up early - Nothing beats this one when it comes to time-management. You'll
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    Achchhe bachche aisa nahin karte!
    stop complaining - "got no time"! You will feel a new sense of productivity surging through your veins. You will feel automatically more capable by the sheer virtue of having more time at your hands. And the first thing to happen - your parents will be proud of you! "Hamara beta, kitna acchha bachcha, jaldi utthta hai". Ha ha - so if for nothing else, do it to make your parents happy.
  5. Find time for enjoyment, Enjoy to the fullest - Usually, advice for a good life stops just short of such pearls of wisdom. But I will say - "Go ahead and enjoy life to the fullest!" Every week, go out once at least with family or friends. Watch a movie every now and then. Plan a proper picnic whenever possible. Create opportunities for fun and enjoyment regularly. It'll help you stay energised perpetually, even through your "down" moments. This real-world happiness will perhaps even prompt you to cut down on social media time. It'll make the other things look sensible. Why do we live, after all. It'll even prepare you for the next point coming up.
  6. Plan for old age - As an example - I am 20 or 24, why worry. I can never fall seriously ill. Well, you got it all wrong. When the bad day arrives, it'll come unannounced. And if you are emotionally and financially unprepared, a loss of dignity ensues. So, start saving and investing. As a rule, put aside at least 20% of your monthly earnings into your safety fund. It'll have two magical effects - you'll be forced to start budgeting (value for money), and you'll prepare yourself for old age. Many of us know how to earn money, but nobody teaches us what to do with that!
  7. Stay very inquisitive, Get the big picture in your mind - When we are part of a
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    big team led by someone else, we may become myopic and focus too much on the tiny bits handed to us as work. While that's important, but what's more so is the fact that to grow in life, you must develop a big-picture-mindset. See where your work fits in. See who the customers really are, what their needs are. See what else could be done to serve them better. Find more about competitors who are doing really well. Learn from them. Read about industry-best-practices. Read about the world, about stuff

    happening around you. Read about anything. Ask good questions. Be ready to learn new skills with an open mind.
If you can start bringing these into your life, a transformation is assured. All the best!

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