Saturday, August 20, 2016

How can I stop being average in life?

How can I stop being average? A great answer is possible for “How can I be excellent at anything?”
~ A practical guide to creating excellence in daily life ~
  • Do work you love to do. That is the indispensable first condition.
  • If you are stuck in a profile you hate, leave. Or, begin loving it. No third way.
  • Everyday, try to be a bit faster and more efficient that the earlier day.Consciously. Don’t ask your boss, do it on your own.
  • Constantly imagine what you desire others should say of your work - “average”, “chalta hai”, “professional”, “wow!”, “reliable”, …
  • Make formats (small and big) that you can replicate the next time - for everything possible. It saves amazing amounts of time and makes you very fast.
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  • Organize your stuff. Files, papers, software, hardware, everything. Acid test - how much time you take to retrieve anything.
  • Read about your area of work regularly. It keeps you alarmed enough to never lose the incentive to learn new things.
  • New skills take time to learn and master. Be very patient, but aggressive all the while. Find an accomplished guru who’s willing to mentor you (fastest and surest way, but very difficult to find)
  • Inquisitiveness killed the cat, but it’ll build your excellence. Ask, inquire, search, sift, collate, reject, edit, absorb.
  • Keep your silliness at bay - don’t smirk when someone points out your shortcomings, don’t laugh when someone fails, be willing to dish out money on great books/literature (of immediate use), etc.
  • Don’t envy the accomplished. Praise them whole-heartedly.
And if you find all this tedious and useless, there’s no compulsion at all. Just don’t complain the next time you miss the pay hike or bonus, and are unable to achieve your material goals. Settle at a lower orbit, and if you can be happy with it, perfect.
Life does not expect excellence for survival. It is stuff dreams are made of.


Tejashwi Kumar said...

Agree with every point... All the more because I am working.

Unknown said...

these points show the path for success. and I will try to follow them.

Topgun said...

Great pointers. Thank you.

Also could you please elaborate on point: Make formats (small and big) that you can replicate the next time...
? Seems interesting.

sudip das said...

Now we are in such condition if we are fail it is just a simple failure of collective individual with respect to his/her ambition,dream etc. but if each & every one will pass their journey what will happen???
the only thing will happen that we fail to promote the well-being to the next generation!! Because there is no resource .So,active consciousness not save the plane It is the lethargy of human being save the planet .Our condition like kali das,setting in a branch of a tree and cutting the tree in such a way if he cut it he will fall and fail.And the failure rate is determine by the cutting rate that means If everyone tomorrow somehow turn into a heard working man the efficiency rate will increase then you know the aftermath...
So we have to understand the definition of success which is imported continuously from western society have a problem in its root.
BEING AMBITIOUS(personal) IN YOUR LIFE DISASTER WILL COME .it is either this way or that way

mohini said...

We People usually try to made small objectives or aims because we have fear of losing that's why we got happy by setting easy or small goals which is easy to achieve but sadly it's the most drastic and dangerous thing we are doing ... Because losing with apex goals is much better than winning with easy one ... And apex goals got easy to achieve if we concentrate on fine details of our goal .. Because eating big bite of food creates alimentary problems while eating slowly and steady pieces of food makes us healthy and fit ..

Unknown said...

I found the thought of 'paying attention to details' very impressive. It is really great and shows the excellence when we use some facts (numbers or statements) in our explanation, it gives gravity to our views. I fully agree that it is a good tool to become excellent. We should focus on details to be more than average.