Saturday, April 23, 2016

How can you tell a person is rich just by looking at him / her?

I will tell you six tricks I use. Allow me to use a personal definition of "being wealthy".

FIRST - Look at the contentment on the man's face. It usually cannot be faked. A man who is content in the moment now, is Alexander the Mighty!

SECOND - Look at the number of brands the man is wearing and using. The more the number and the more blatant the good(s), the poorer the person is. He needs a lot of external support to project his personality - a frail, weak, hollow individual. Remember the Naga sadhus - naked, all powerful, one with the divine. (OK, that was an extreme one!)
Happiness, Success, Contented, Satisfied, Enlightened, Spiritual, PT education, Sandeep Manudhane
Find the light - it's not too difficult

THIRD - Look at his company. Family, Friends, Kids, Acquaintances. The more crooked and twisted they are, the poorer the guy is. The more simple and loving that group is, the richer the guy is. They are both reflecting upon each other. A man is known by the company he keeps.

FOURTH - Look at his typical day. If reading a variety of stuff and forming informed opinions on multiple issues is a core part of his life, you are staring at a very rich person, who can add immense intellectual value to everyone around. I think, therefore I am.

FIFTH, find out what diseases he is suffering from. If he was born perfectly healthy with no defective genetic baggage, and has managed to pile up loads of beautiful diseases with big names and bigger bills, oooh! A poor man. The treadmill he couldn't slow down enough.

and FINALLY, try finding how he feels about the poor, the destitute and the needy. If he is moved from within and wants to help them even with a bare minimum to spare, you are looking at the richest man in the world. Man - human - humanity.

For, of what use are the billions stashed away in those tax havens when you are crooked, jealous, stingy, diseased, can't laugh, are full of hate and envy and useless for mankind at large? Human life is a speck, practically meaningless, in the vast expanse of this time-space. Make it meaningful.


Unknown said...

It is a nice check list to judge someone.

Cunstructive Imaginative! said...

Superb sir..saint!!

Unknown said...

Sir, Can an illiterate person with all other points getting fulfilled be a rich man ?

Unknown said...


Priyanka Singh said...

A rich will look the most simple man on earth with no glitters or brands and labels.Mr. Bill Gates is the one of the best examples of being the richest and yet dressing in the most modest way!
A rich man from the heart and not in literal sense may also tend to be modest but he will definitely be joyous and a carefree person.

sundar said...

you have simply told about yourself

Unknown said...

Wow. It felt amazing after read this blog.

Utkarsh Singh said...


Unknown said...

सर सच्चे अर्थों में वही धनी व्यक्ति है जिनमे ये गुण हों
इसी पर मुझे एक वाक्या याद आता है। जो दीलिप कुमार जी ने बताया था।
कि वो एक बार हवाई जहाज से विदेश जा रहे थे ये वो दौर था जब भारत में उनकी लोकप्रियता चरम पे थी।
उन्होंने बताया की सारे लोग मुझ से हाथ मिलाने और ऑटो ग्राफ लेने के लिए बैचेन थे पर मेरे ही सीट पर बैठा एक आदमी जो बहुत ही सिंपल शर्ट और पेंट पहने था वो चुपचाप अख़बार पढ़ने में व्यस्त था। मुझे वेचैनी होने लगी कि आखिर ये कोन आदमी है जो मुझ से ऑटो ग्राफ लेना तो दूर अभी तक इसका ध्यान भी मेरी तरफ नहीं गया।
कुछ देर बात में ही उससे बात करना शुरू किया और अपना परिचय दिया- मेरा नाम दीलिप कुमार है । उस आदमी ने बोला हाँ नाम तो आप का सुना हुआ लगता है आप क्या काम करते हैं। मैंने पूछा क्या आप फ़िल्में नहीं देखते । वो बोले की व्यस्तता की वजह से नहीं देख पात़ा अब तो मुझे लगने लगा था की ये कोन वेहुदा आदमी है और पुछ ही लिया और आप कोन है जबाब सुनके नतमस्तक हो गया इतना बड़ा आदमी इतना सिम्पल- जे आर ड़ी टाटा

rahul verma said...

Simplisity is inversely proportional to humanity and greatness...

rahul verma said...

simplisity is directly proportional to the greatness..!

Unknown said...

A person who is leading a simple, humane, genuine, respectful and healthy life is rich in real means. Because richness does not lies in money and outfits, it lies on the qualities of person which he/she gets in himself/herself.

Unknown said...

Sir, You havent told the proportion of all those 6 checklists for identifying a rich person. All the above criterions should be verified or, one or two can be avoided???
Because there are many people who fit exactly on your 4 or 5 points, but they lack on 1 or 2; so can't they be called as rich person???
I know this may seem very foolish question for many but some rationality should be there in order to judge a person.
You can take even your example, Naga sadhus though they don't wear anything , but they don't read anything also just they do time pass, they do have diseases and they are completely nill in can they be called as rich person?