Friday, January 15, 2016

Life's bare truths!

As we get entangled in our daily busyness, we rarely find time to think about the bigger aspects of life itself. Here's an attempt at unravelling some truths of life. The joy lies in realising these, and yet striving optimistically to improve oneself consistently.

Seriously speaking -

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It goes on, with you, or without.
  • It will all end one day - No matter who you are, how mighty or resourceful your position is, or howsoever intelligent and positive you are, you die one day. All your movements cease to be, the blood stops circulating, and you change from a person to a dead body that needs an almost immediate disposal. And within days of that happening, you become a bookmark in history, that too for just a few years. It all ends then. There will be a day in the future when your name will be taken one last time and your face and deeds remembered for the last time.
  • Nature does not care - Nature / Prakriti / The Universe / The Multiverse ... no matter what name you use, it just does not care what you think (of it). Nature moves with its own rhythm, bound in its own cycles, driven by its own instincts, and your presence or absence hardly matters. And we are tied inside it, and despite being blessed with the powers of analysing and rationalising its presence, cannot escape its clutches. It's a state of permanent bondage for most, unless spiritually freed.
  • There are very few true friends - No matter what you do for others, the number of people who stand by you in your toughest moments can be in lower single digits! This can be rationalised by the Law of Karma spanning multiple lives, which indeed seems to be working for many.
  • The die once cast, rarely changes - The early years decide a person's mental makeup and constitution. That, in turn, decides his behaviour and attitude towards others in later years. Sadly, not even a tiny fraction of mankind can truly change their inner selves in later years. This - after all the centuries of what wise men have taught humanity.
  • The best gets recycled - The deep philosophy of India of the earlier centuries simply finds no takers in the modern world, despite its wondrous depth and intellectual gravity. For an Indian, a very sad thing is that unless certified by the West, nothing is respected in India by today's educated people.
  • Homemakers don't get counted even as servants - The hundreds of millions of homemakers (housewives) do not even get counted towards contributors to the nation's GDP. But servants' output does get counted. The economist who first devised this surely had a troubled childhood!

On a less serious note -

  • Lack of sense of humour - It is amazing to find the rare people who have an acute sense of humour. Most do not. And that robs them of so many moments of pleasure derived from self-deprecating or intellectual humour.
  • The tastiest morsels are the deadliest - The tastiest food to be had does the most damage to our bodies! Curse those genes.
  • The internet has you - Most of us do not use the internet now, it uses us. We just cannot get away from it. The machines are coming ... no ... they have arrived!
  • Innocence is over - It is difficult to believe an innocent person these days! It all seems so made up. In most cases it usually is.
And finally, the saddest truth surely is that the human mind realises that it knows all this, and yet finds it so sad, rather than a beautiful simple truth.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sir, really needed such kind of realisations.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

thanks sir

Anonymous said...

LIFE !! even though it is gonna end one day we all focus to make this journey as beautiful as we can and that is the human spirit is all have all means of comfort,keep striving for others and to cope with satisfaction unguaranteed attitude of life :)
internet is using us yes we have lost control over things.

Navdeep said...

What a nice post this is !