Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to have an unfair advantage always?

Creating your own, personal, unfair advantage!
Well, the most unfair advantage a person can have is - to learn to stay happy and contented under all circumstancesI say so because such a person
  • Never runs out of hope
  • Is always much envied!
  • Views life very differently
  • Never really loses anything
  • Depends on nothing external
  • Can keep enemies confused always!

All other advantages can get blunted with time or circumstances, but this spirit of perpetual happiness can last forever.

How to achieve this?

  1. Realise that you only have your effort under full control, not the output
  2. The world went on fine before you came along, and will continue to do so millions of years from now
  3. Every small moment of joy can be turned into a celebration if you do not remain foolishly wedded to the notion of 'scale'

All the best!



Unknown said...

What i perceive from this perticular blog

Self contentment
Your efforts in right direction can only give us real happiness

Its a preleude to have spritual consciousness which ultimately enables a person and empower him or her to go beyond materialistic things and see the very purpose of life

Please comment sir :)


LOVE TO WORK is the only mantra to stay happy.
The end is not the matter,the means must be perfect.

DISAK said...

learn from everyone but follow no one

ANIL said...

Really nice thoughts to apply in life.

Unknown said...

There is one basic law to stay happy, wake up with determination and sleep with satisfaction. Satisfaction in relationships, performance, health and everything.

jatin1990 said...

Very helpful instructions, guiding, how to achieve this.

Mohit Mahajan said...

Very well written and a loaded article. Reminds me of a saying by Lord Krishna "Not to worry or desire for result but perform one's karma."