Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Greatest of Teachers

In life, the greatest teachers one can get are -
  1. Most important, parents. But most of us hardly value till we become parents ourselves!
  2. Secondly, life. Every living moment of it.
  3. Next, the worst enemies we have. They are the best teachers, telling us exactly what we need to shore up.
  4. Criticism. Taken healthily, it changes the game.
  5. Books. Silently, without expecting anything, they are willing to teach any time of the day, forever.
Parents are the only ones to love us unconditionally no matter how rotten we get. Lifegoes on, its lessons unrelenting. Even in the most mundane of existence, minor daily transformations can be effected that have a long-term impact. Worst enemies end up teaching the best lessons to the open-minded. Instead of fearing them, watch their moves, and learn. No harm in that. Criticism is something that'll come our way, no matter how good or benevolent we may be. There is no point worrying ... rather turn it to your advantage and just move on. Books carry the distilled wisdom of generations, and read with minimum prejudices can be eye-opening.
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Free your mind
I have realised that even the best motivational teacher cannot help a student who keeps a mind closed to possibilities. As Morpheus told Neo in Matrix, 'You have to let it all go! Fear, doubt, disbelief. Free your mind'.
Priceless advice that!


Anonymous said...

Amazing !!!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this helpful content

Topgun said...

Maybe we can add one more important thing to the list - failures.
Thanks for the article.

Unknown said...

That was a very nice post sir

Test said...

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!

Yes indeed, "failures" can be added to this list.

Unknown said...

I think for open minded people criticism is most helpful, It shows the man his true position and if taken positively encourages him to achieve higher one.

A man without criticism is just like an actor in front of paid audience.

Unknown said...

Failure is a good teacher but if one lacks will to power, failure will succumb him. There is a say if you are not living on edge you are taking too much space. So try, failures are part of your path to success because if it was easy everybody could do it