Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Can military or police service be made mandatory in India for young people?

As of now, it is not. And the simple reason for that is - our huge population.
That has always ensured that there are enough volunteers to enrol themselves, every time vacancies come up. In fact, ditto for China (PRC) as well. Hence no need is felt to make anything really 'compulsory'. Hence, no rigid conscription.
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But it's a great idea and can help India in several ways.
  1. Dignity of labour - Most young women and men (18 yrs +) hardly understand the value of manual labour, or any labour for that matter. Getting educated formally, and landing a cushy job is all that's aimed for. It will change in a big way. Young ones will become far more sensible.
  2. Pride for the nation - Almost instantly, there will be a change in perspective for most. Their approach may undergo a radical overhaul.
  3. Huge extra manpower at low cost - The nation will benefit as it'll get a huge workforce full of energy (tens of millions each year) at minimum cost.
  4. Wide variety of work - It's not essential to put everyone on the front, so to speak. They can be trained in hundreds of work profiles, most being back-end ones.
  5. Skilling problem solved! - A huge headache for India right now is to skills the young ones. We have failed at it miserably so far. This is a solution that will work. The problem now would be - to create an entirely new class of master-trainers & tools to handle this huge influx (Of course, more specific trade-skills will be needed later, but a start would be made)
But this is nearly impossible to do in the present context of India. Why?
  • First, as there is no "real need" (from security point of view), hence there is no national consensus on this as of now, and no debate of this nature.
  • Income disparities are so huge, that the moneyed classes will find a way to stall this legally, and/or ensure monetary payment instead, to get their kids out of it. (Not all, but many will)
  • Again, the disadvantaged classes may want their kids to make this the permanent career(s) - which is not possible for the armed forces or the police (the sheer numbers!)
  • Making a law - given the present nature of politics - will be some time away.
But a great idea, nonetheless!
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[ Lot of useful information here - Military service ]

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Unknown said...

Yes Sir. 'Masterpreneurs' in need.

Unknown said...

I am huge fan of this idea, so was Subhas Chandra Bose. with military training comes discipline and patriotism.

mitesh sawant said...

not only employmet genaration problem solved but also the when the natural disaster will happen then these forces will we used at large scale.
another thing is that the entire new budget have to be created for such a big project.so the amount of expenditure will be huge on only defence service. as effect,the other sector expenditure will me automatically decresed it will affect the sector like education..science and tech..sanitaion..and a new government policies funding will be minimized drastically..

Mitesh said...

not only employmet genaration problem solved but also the when the natural disaster will happen then these forces will we used at large scale.
another thing is that the entire new budget has to be formed

Anonymous said...

Sir, we can see long range history of India till present date. The military training in India is most important to every person. So, my suggestion is the "RSS" is good for this perspective.

Ajulkumar Pandya said...

NCC should be made compulsory at-least 1 year for every GRADUATE course. Anything other services like Police or Army will be much costly on Government finances, because graduates knows that "Compulsory" is also "Temporary" not "Permanent".