Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lessons from the Modi victory

No one, not even (I suspect) the BJP had expected a clear single-party majority like this one! But it did happen. There are strong lessons from this astounding victory. Though most poll-pundits were cautious enough in giving a victory to the BJP led NDA, but no one expected it to be a clean sweep like this.

Lesson No. 1 Astounding victories are possible
Irrespective of history and geography, a single national political party can drum up enough support to get a simple clear majority in the national Parliament of a fantastically diverse nation like ours. All excuses are out. Naysayers will crib about the funding and the flights, but it's all futile now.

Lesson No. 2 Leaders have to lead from the front
Rahul Gandhi would take full credit for Congress victory. Today, in defeat, he is nowhere to be seen. This went totally against him, and his party. People are not fools - they see and analyse things. On the same note, worthwhile to realise that Modi ji would have been in a soup had BJP not pulled it off - he had taken all onus on himself. That needs guts.

Lesson No. 3 Social media it is, all the way!
With 4 million Twitter followers, Modi ji was taking active lead in interacting with the youth and twitterati. Rahul is being shielded pathetically by partymen (at least till 4 pm when he apparently accepted his failure). With the 50 cr+ youth of India, this approach does not work.

Lesson No. 4 Remote controls are out
People are sick and tired of the double power structure with one pole enjoying 100% authority with 0% responsibility. Sonia ji's "plausible deniability" theory has led to the junta denying her chances totally nationwide. It has failed Madam. A great economist Dr Manmohan was wasted in the process.

Lesson No. 5 Jo Yuva Hit Ki Baat Karega ...
... wohi desh par raj karega. Young graduates are frustrated with the pace of jobs growth. They see no hope. No redemption at all. Hence, such a wave of support for Modi's simple promise - I will develop the GDP and generate jobs. Rahul also said the same thing but the youth thought "Why didn't you do it for the past decade" Why didn't you become a minister yourself"?

Lesson No. 6 No beating the RSS grassroots networks
It remains the largest organisation with grassroots reach in India. And when it pulls out all stops, miracles can happen. But then, a political icon at the top is needed to convert it into seats.

Lesson No. 7 Coalition governments are out, for the next 10 years
The people have decided - coalitions are bad for India. Let us give this gentleman a chance and see if he performs. We may choose local parties for local assembly seats, but no point sending them to the Parliament. The shameless greed of the octogenarian from Chennai in looting national resources did its bit in public disenchantment.

And what about the AAP? Well, for all their good intentions, the tremendous folly of spreading too thin has ruined them. At least Kejriwal should have fought from a seat in Delhi/Punjab and ensured an LS entry. India needs talented people like him. I think the party may splinter now, and all celebrity-faces may desert them faster than they joined. The no. of votes polled, though, was an impressive 1.1 crores. 

In an earlier article, I had discussed the dangers in raising expectations too high. Those dangers remain, all the more necessitating quick decisive economic action from the new government lest the mandate should fritter away like the Rajiv Gandhi govt's tragic decline in 1980s.

Go ahead Modi ji, ensure the release of all the latent potential that India has. Make us all realise that the potential is within us, and we should all take steps forward in unison. What an historic opportunity for India. Truly!

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