Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Good habits for everyday

Steven Covey good habits for Bright Sparks blog by Sandeep Manudhane
Some good things to practise everyday

Small things ultimately make up the big ones. Here are some good habits for daily use:

  1. Thank the almighty for giving you another day to live your dreams. If you are an atheist, thank destiny. Just thank someone!
  2. Smile and laugh at every possible opportunity, every day. By being serious and morose always, nothing worthwhile can be achieved.
  3. Read something new each day. Try developing your mind by irrigating it with new ideas and thoughts.
  4. Write down something new each day. It will give you a lot of confidence and will make you a better communicator.
  5. Save some money, howsoever small or big the amount may be. It will make you a cautious spender.
  6. Do one good deed for the day. Find something that is beyond your immediate commercial or academic interest. Do it.
  7. Keep your home and workplace clean. Take pride in organising and cleaning up your place regularly. Cleanliness truly is Godliness.

And if you are not the disciplined type who can follow a daily regimen of to-do things, let your mind roam freely and set a long-term goal of achieving something really outstanding.

All the best!

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