Thursday, October 20, 2016

An amazing set of learning resources, for you!

What a fortnight it has been! Full of excitement, new resource launches, and solid innovation. So let me tell you all about it!

First of all, we have launched the Open beta version of a fantastic knowledge portal for learners and achievers, and we passionately call it the - Bodhi Booster!

We are creating amazing Bodhis (articles), Bodhi Prashns (Quizzes on those articles) and bilingual learning content - Hindi Bodhi Booster!

The whole idea came from the constant and pressing need for students across south Asia, and especially India, to have a dedicated portal for GK and current affairs, but one that would be tastefully done, refined and with adequate depth. And yes, one that would do justice to both Hindi and English medium students. We have attempted precisely that.

Just visit Bodhi Booster, and take a taste of this solid resource! Don't forget to spend some quality time knowing the nitty-gritty of it by visiting About Us, FAQs and Bodhi Soochi.

And while you are at it, don't forget to subscribe to the Free weekly newsletter - Bodhi Prakash, here!

And of course, all this is available in Hindi as well, in parallel, here!,,

This has taken tremendous passion and perseverance for the whole team, and we are happy with the beta that's out for you to enjoy.

Did I tell you about the beautifully done quizzes - Bodhi Prashns? Try one here, right now!,,

But wait, this is not all. We know how difficult it gets for students to skim through vast news resources every day and get the summary. So, we've simplified it for you tremendously through our news portal - Bodhi News - precise and time-saving!,,

And since we know how lovely it is to "hear" news while driving, or simply relaxing, or while seriously contemplating or even studying, we have made Shrutis (audios) on each instalment of Bodhi News as well. Check them all out, here!

So this is how our entire range of services within Bodhi Booster would look like -,,

And in the meantime, we began the premium discussion portal for all our students in PT's IAS Academy - VARTALAP premium. It is an amazing set of people, who are putting up high quality ideas inside the forum (for members only!).,

Finally, for the really serious learners, we have the ultimate in knowledge - Bodhi Booster Premium. Check out its amazing features, and enrol before 01 Nov to benefit from the introductory pricing available.

Just a sample of what's in store inside - Take this beautiful quiz (for free, now!)

Did you love it? Take one more, just for you, free!

Both these are Bodhi Prashn Premium - for really serious learners. Enrol here!

Over time, many friends and students kept asking me to post motivational ideas and thoughts regularly. I have finally pinned it down onto one site, and you can check it out here. Thanks for all the love you're showering.

To sum it up all, here is my latest editorial article, in Hindi, on the recent issues facing India. I wrote this article with a lot of analytical research, and have tried to capture a deep historical story in just 1100 words. I am sure you will benefit. My patriotism is spilling all over these paras, as you can see :) 

Thanks for reading this! I hope you benefit from this cool set of useful resources. 

And before I say bye, here's a source of positive energy for you. Enjoy!

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