Monday, August 2, 2010

Make a beginning. Then build on it.

Despite a challenging global economic situation and an extremely difficult local jobs market, we steadily kept working at opportunities and happily placed hundreds of our students successfully across corporates and sectors. 

Here I reproduce something straight from the heart of one of our most lovable Protons - Nirbhay. Enjoy reading! And students - there is a whole lot of learnings to be had from this experience.

"Greetings for the day! I am Corporate Proton Nirbhay Mervana. I was placed with Infomedia 18 Ltd. 3 months back. I am missing Proton & Protons everyday and memories which we got from there will be forever in our heart and learning from there are effectively working here in our mind.

I had successfully passed my 3 months at my 1st job at Infomedia 18 ltd. Time was full of learning at every stage of my work & from every person I met, they can be my clients, my colleagues, boss & management. But learning which got from you all (Proton) is quite amazing.

Sir I am experiencing here the same face corporate world which you show us in last two years and for which we were trained. We did not need to take more time to fit here because we experienced it so early during our sessions, projects & team activities at Proton. Here the same thing we are doing like plan your day, make daily report of your day, than update yourself with all the changes, send email proposals to clients, analyze your day what was wrong.

We are having morning assembly everyday were we have to share our last day experiences & learning with everyone so it will beneficial for others and at last manager will come on stage for new updates & plan for day, this everyday recall us our chaupaal.

We have to punch I-card for daily attendance punching deadline is 9:00 and at 9:01 our half day will mark, we are not allowed to attend session after bell rang. When some of our clients came to know that we did our management than they come in to very good discussion at time all inputs come from there are very useful.

Sir these are some examples which I shared with you above but all the other things which we learned at Proton are really valuable like grooming our selves well than dressing and walking we have walk 13-14 km everyday with bag on shoulder with sales kit.

Sir we can proudly say that Proton is shining everywhere like at Infomedia 18 during the training only Protons have started with toped daily quizzes. Other things in each & every discussion point put by Proton’s always appreciable, and they also very impressed with style of presenting our selves. We all 4 Shankit, Amit, Ruchi and me had dominated all the discussions. Our company has recruited students from all over India also from other colleges from Indore but Proton has differentiate themselves and our trainer also only knows we 4 as from one institute.

Now, I am going share something about my work at here. My first month of work not good as I was not aware from area, market & style of work. I was not able to convert sales for so many days but I never loss my patient, I took it as challenge & work with more passion. I thought that I will not be able to perform in the company who super brand in this product than how can I sell something else. I never afraid from sales pressure because if we are not contributing for which they are paying they will pressurize you nothing wrong in that.

But as hard work & efforts always pays in just my 2 month I was the most consistent performer of company. I brought sales continue 21 days. I also rewarded by my Vice President, Assi. V.P. and G.M. Sales. And daily appreciation which I got in morning was also very good.

My V.P. knows me by my name & also called me for meet. My A.V.P. gives my example to new joiners in training sessions, my G.M. & managers gives example to my seniors of mine that when Nirbhay who is new to market, company, area can perform than why you all can’t. They also send new comers with me for field training. I also got chance to take photograph with our Vice President with whom all the people want to take one photo & for me he told that “ Nirbhay ab 1 photo tere sath ho jaye ”

My all colleagues, bosses & managers are too good. They are very helpful and give proper guidance for everything to me. Working with these kinds of people gives very good feeling. I learn a lot from their experience & their leadership inspires a lot to all of us.

Sir, at last I can feel that in sales we have to be self motivated by our self only because our work can only motivate us and we have to enjoy our work so that our work will be fun like I am enjoying it a lot. We just have to feel our product as best than we have to give this feeling to our clients. I am able adjust myself in their culture & having a very good relationship with all. I have a lot more to say but if I will share everything it will never be complete. So in short I really thank ful to Proton family for all the support & learning which I got from there because if can compare Nirbhay on 1st July ’08 and today, I can feel that change & transformation.
Nirbhay Mervana
BDE- Infomedia 18 Ltd."

Needless to say, you need to begin. You just need to begin. It does not matter where, or how, or at what level. Once you start, then there is no looking back at all. You can utilise your entire education to build with what you have started.


DIVYESH said...

Respected Sir,
I totally agree with my brother Nirbhay because I have also experienced the same situation during my internship but the ultimate result was that I got the BEST INTERN AWARD for my work by Picube Marketing, Kolkatta.
Thank you Sir for providing this great opportunity.

Divyesh Shah.

Pinakin Barot said...

Good evening Sir,
Nirbhay is not just one example, thousands of your students (like us) whether from PT or Proton are performing excellent at different level by your guidance only. Thanks Sir, YOU made US.



Shoaib Qureshi said...

Dear Sir,

I completely agree with the idea of making a beginning, taking a start. I recently heard one of the entrepreneurs in the P10 Summit saying the same thing, whether it be a job or an enterprise, all we need to do is make a beginning.

Journey of miles bgin with the first step...

Shoaib Qureshi

Satyawan Malhan said...

Respected sir,

I am delighted after reading t & heard (In Auditorium) the success story of PROTON Nirbhay.I can observe his passion of work & desire of success.
As he said he begin(started )form July/2008 & now results came in front of everyone. I am agree with you sir begin attain the miracles.


Satyawan Malhan