Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teaching the bully called China a tough lesson

Newspapers are known for screaming headlines. I suspect journalists often get paid in proportion to the sensationalism their words and headlines can generate in readers. Especially so when it comes to India's foreign relations!

So it is with India's relations with China. An uninformed visitor to India who would read through the past 6 months of national newspapers will invarialbly derive the conclusion that China is on the verge of taking over large parts of India along the borders, starting with Arunachal Pradesh, and ending at Kashmir. She is also likely to conclude that Pakistan is greatly benefitting from all this and getting tremendous support in maintaining its illegal occupation of large parts of Jammu and Kashmir state of India.

Right, and Wrong.

So what should India now do? How should we react to Chinese moves? Can we really contain China's naked aggression towards us, its leaders' propensity to issue sick, stupid and senseless statements against India?

Here are the facts that must be known before you can reach some idea about India's possible course of action
  1. Globally, when it comes to economic interests, China is deeply tied up with America. Most of this tieup is now turning negative, as the US has plunged into a deep crisis, first economic, and now strategic.
  2. China's economy was touted as the unbreakable engine of global growth. The sweat and tears of its leaders in past 12 months has proven it is not quite that.
  3. China is a nation run by a grand gang of stick-wielding communists, not a flexible modern democracy like India. Gangs usually fail after people get tired of them. And just because you are the State, does not mean you are not a gang.
  4. India's strategic advantages over China in terms of long-term social stability and human growth are far more superior.
  5. China maintains a force-fed military threat over eveyone in Asia, but it dare not use it, for its economy may slip terribly post-that adventure.
Once these facts are studied carefully, India can confidently move to quash the stupidity that China indulges in frequently, against it. Here is what I propose
  • India must forcefully speak out in favour of the terrible harrassment that ethnic minorities in China occupied territories face. One example - Uighur muslims in Xinjiang province.
  • India must continously berate and remind China of its inhuman takeover of a beatiful religious stage - Tibet.
  • India must raise formal objections on all international fora to the presence of China in all such territories.
  • India must attach pre-conditions to American companies' presence in Indian markets that make it mandatory for the US to support India in such strategic moves against China.
  • India must open its market to Chinese companies, and force China to economically engage with it, and parallel continuously berate China for its aggression and killing of innocent ethnic minorities around its occupied territories.
  • The Indian political system across the entire spectrum from Right-wingers to extreme left-wingers must speak in unison on this matter.
  • India must make a permanent base for the Dalai Lama in Arunachal Pradesh, and must popularise and promote it as a tourist destination.
  • For various Chinese territories that are adjoining to Indian borders, India must issue permits to visit, that are not visas.
If India can react in a coordinate and strategic manner, it will be no time before the supposedly unshakeable dragon called China will be on its knees begging to be left alone.

We have allowed them to hit us below the belt for far too long now. It is time to talk to them in the only language they understand. Will the Indian political establishment please wake up?

Jai Hind!


pankaj gangwani said...

Hello Sir,

The main political parties of India are not feeling any pressure to talk in unison against China, although the gangsters of China are doing whatever is coming in their mind.But the day is not far when Indians will talk to them in the language they understand because of one very strong reason, we are very stronger(younger) than China demographically.

Thank you
Pankaj Gangwani
Spring 09

Vidit Shah said...

Dear Sir,
If we citizens of the country can think of so many feasible solutions for avoiding a major issue, why our government can't?
Vidit Shah

Surendra said...

Good morning sir,
After reading such a wonderful and thought provoking article from you these questions came in my mind.
1-Why china is doing these inhuman activity. Is it only his power or any other thing?
2-India is in developing stage and has less power than china, so is it a good action to fight with superpower china?
3-What can a good time for taking action against china?
4-What should be the role of an individual, corporate person, and a student in the action?
5-Why government is not thinking like you?

Please sir help me to find out the solution for these questions.
Thank you

Proton Surendra Pratap Mourya
Fall 09

keyur joshi said...

Respected Sir,

Thank you for your valuable blogs. However, unfortunately, I will not be able to make a comment on your blogs for about one month as our 1st semester final exams(Viwa, Practicals and Written Exams) will be strated from 2nd of November.

Furthermore, as I am from the Non-IT background and pursuing MBA in IT, I feel I need to work hard.

However, I am and will do read your blogs regularly and if I get enough time to think and make comments, I will surely do it. And I will start commeting on your blogs once the exams get over.

I am sorry the inconvience you feel.

Keyur Joshi.

Test said...

Keyur - thanks for passionately following my blog. Admirers like you are the source of our strength :-)

Surendra - India is doing what it is doing due to several compulsions. Coalition politics and lack of one strong central party are strong reasons. However, the consistent mischief-making by China will ultimately force Indian polity to react in kind. They will have no choice but to do that, as media will whip up public frenzy accordingly.

Vidit / Pankaj - as long as this does not actually become an election issue, maybe our parties will wait and watch.

Rhishikesh said...
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Rhishikesh said...

Respected Sir,

Really great views!! Specially ur proposals are excellent and clearly showing the government how it should change its foreign policies. China is a country according to me which has seen evolution with india. from ancient time it is a highly civilized nation. but according to me the roots of its development can be traced in india itself-

1) the silk according to many indian scholars originated in india and not in china.

2) The chinese medicine(resembles ayurveda), fighting methods('hat' yoga), spiritual methods(dhyan yog) all highly resembles indian methods. all they must have taken from india and made many additions and manipulations. the accupressure is also taken from yoga. i do not remember the name. there are records of sanskrit translations into tibetian language and then travelling to china.

all these force me to say that china has learnt a lot from india and know very well that we indians are something different far better then what they are. but then fear of danger is more dangerous then the danger itself.

also chinese people eat lot of reptiles and all types of nonveg which we may find highly tamsi(tamo gun). as we eat so we become. so chinese are aggressive, cunning, cruel, brave etc. etc. (joking)

u added sir that dalai lama should be resettled in arunachal. but indian govt has accepted tibet as chinas part. if we resettle him there it will give proof that it is the part of south tibet(as china claims) and this may make chinas claim on arunachal more strong. what do u think sir?

and also sir china is far better then us in curbing rebellions. some of disgusting tolerance shown by indian govt i would like to mention-
1) pakistani flag hoisted in north east india.
2)regular burning of indian flag in kashmir.
3) fake accusations on indian military about curbing civil rights in kashmir. (china does it openly and becomes sucessful also, we by doing nothin are still blamed for doing something).

one of the funniest example of indian administrative processes- shameful lack of management:
nasik nmc has undertaken building of roads(repairing also) and constructing(repairing also) underground drainages. but due to lack of co-ordination between two mns departmnts first road was build and now the paver blocks are removed(whole road is to be reconstructed) for drainage works. if they have had brains they would first repair drainage but no!! so much money is wasted. its news is posted in daily sakal of today only!!

Neha Fatehchandani said...

Hi Sir,great post!
As you said,India must attach pre-conditions to American companies so how can we force a country which has its individual identity, views, stand and relations,to agree with us on such an issue.Why would they stand at our side when they don't want to, just for doing business would they stand with us?

Neha Fatehchanani
Fall 09

Mahesh said...

Dear Sir, I believe leaders in each and every country at the top miniterial levels need to understand and feel the amount of human sufferings which are caused due to conflicts, wars or war like situations. They need to show their collective skills to unearth peaceful resolutions to long-standing conflicts.

Message should be passed to Chinese leaders "Let everyone celebrate the wonderful world that we are privileged to be part of."

sanjay said...

Hi Sir,
Good one on the face of Dragon whose fire seems only upto the neck and only ashes as it comes out of nose. It seemed to me as if a true patriot is speaking just from a mix of heart and mind. We as a nation has always followed tolerance but now it seems that the time for some actions has arrived and it is necessary to make a dragon realise that Tigers are no less than them

Great one sir


Test said...

Sanjay - thanks for reading and commenting!

Mahesh - very beautifully said indeed!

Neha - they will do ANYTHING for their business interests, provided our policy makers know how to use their instincts. China has done precisely the same, starting with Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms which started in 1979.

Rhishikesh - wonderful comment! Your point regarding total lack of internal coordination is bang-on-target. They recently made a 6 lane highway in front of my home, and forgot to make adequate provisions for water drainage. A patch of highway is already showing signs of wreckage on the bridge that lies on this route. Quite a surprise.

Akshay Kothari said...

Respected Sir,
Top Authorities of Goverment are still busy solving the problems of Inflation,liquidity,bailouts,CRR,
Interest rates,unemployment,electricity,
Roads,drought,floods,political dramas and Defence from unsocial elements who wake up anytime doing blasts and waste two months of Goverment to think again and again how to control terrorism.
I think the day we solve all of these problems we can think on what to do with China.Till the time Goverments will keep chaning and we will keep voting.
Proton Akshay

Nikhil said...

Hello Sir,
I read your blogpost and then i have also read various news related to dangreous play china is playing in xinjiang and i came to a conclusion that absolutely right that china can do anything fall to any level but in the whole process i feel china is underestimating the strength of the common public. So on this front it is bound to lose whether its their own country or other countries like India,Japan. So India shoould stand up to its orignal height to let it know that we are GIANTS do not mistake us to be Pygmies.
Nikhil Sukhlecha
Fall 09

Anurag Khandekar said...

Respected Sir,
As per my knowledge China can never be trusted as a nation as it always maintains a high level of secrecy. China has always been an expansionist nation and wants to expand its influence to various untapped territories. I reckon that the PLA is again reverting to its skulduggery of backstabbing India by helping Pakistan to disrupt the operations of Indian Armed forces in the Kashmir valley and the western front and open a new front in the east by mobilizing its troops. From India's perspective i would like to say that Arunachal Pradesh is an undivided part of India and it will remain so. India as a nation of 1.2 billion needs to toughen its stand and assert its own terms to China.
I would like to thank you Sir for sharing such a deep insight.

Warm Regards,
Anurag Khandekar,