Thursday, July 28, 2016

What is the difference between Intelligence and Common sense?

I will analyse it using an unfolding story!
Yahoo (and Lycos, Alta Vista..) made a search engine much before Google did. That’s first-mover intelligence.
All of them failed to see Google’s inherent strength when they could have smashed it - that’s lack of common sense and wisdom. And very bad luck.
Google decided to plod on, and build on it. That’s tenacity coupled with intelligence.
Some early investors made a killing. That’s foresight, intelligence and luck combined.
Yahoo still did not see any value in it. That’s a total lack of common sense.
Google kept building on its success. And then launched social media tools (Wave? Buzz?). That’s ambition, and tenacity. But with little wisdom.
Facebook romped home with a much better strategy and product. That’s intelligence.
Google continued fighting. Continues to. With G+.
Facebook trampled it. That’s tenacity coupled with intelligence.
Whatsapp emerged. That’s super-intelligence. Yahoo - the employer - misses again.
Yahoo got hammered in the long run.
Facebook is still out there. Bought WhatsApp. Super-common sense.
Google has its niche well-protected. Keeps projecting tentacles frequently.
Microsoft trundles in now and then.
Amazon keeps smiling, as it build totally unique niches. Intelligently.
They all are now intelligently getting into VR and AI. Common sense can’t tell us who’ll win. Neither can wisdom. A whole lot of variables need to come together to decide.
Meanwhile, billions of us all use these tools, and comment on all of them, without spending a penny. That’s conveniently wise and intelligent of us.

Ha ha!


Unknown said...

Everytime taking decisions and experiencing and then moving on is intelligence
knowing that fire will burn us and not keeping hand in fire without experience is a common sense.

DIVYA said...

Beautifully written. What a humour it has in it. It often happens we know certain things however we never tries to correlate it. This article allows me think beyond my capacity.

Unknown said...

Great... the facts are written in such a humorous way...
I think common sense is using brain straight forward and intelligence is about mixing the experience and possibilities to deal with the situation...