Monday, August 13, 2012

Power thoughts for professionals

I started compiling some of the recent updates made by me on LinkedIn, and here is the collection. Enjoy!

What surely happens when we die? In less than a 1000 days (3 yrs) almost every single trace - physical and emotional - would get washed away. So whatever we are doing now, howsoever good it may be, has actually zero permanent value. But we can't stop living actively.. so the trick is "Participate in life and work whole-heartedly and stay disconnected from any notion of material permanence."


Q. What does a crisis achieve? Ans. Three things. 1 - it tells you who your enemies are (by thoughts and in action), 2. it identifies the fence-sitters, and 3. it clearly brings out the loyalists in your life. An entrepreneur or professional who has only tasted success but faced no crisis has led a half-life, oblivious of the truth behind all the fawning and friendly faces.


Don't treat special privileges that your near-ones or company grant you, as your birth-right. Treat them as a great temporary boon from God. They may disappear any moment. Don't regret then. Be thankful while it lasted.


POWER TIP FOR FRESHERS : Anyone who is really good at MS-Excel is blessed with a booster attached to his/her career. A worthy investment.


If you work entirely in 'white', you soon get beaten blue and black by those who prefer working in 'black'. Ambiguous morality in money matters is considered disjoint from overall morality, in India. Everyone knows it, and everyone is happy pretending.


If you wish to have the combined thrill of a bungee jump, river rafting, mountain hiking, parajumping and a jungle trek, just become an entrepreneur in India. Daily delivery of all these guaranteed.


One bad apple is all you need to significantly slow down or retard the positive forward movement of any team. Positive members are like Protons. Negative like electrons. Weed them out as fast as possible. People very rarely can change their attitude - no matter what they may 'say' or 'promise'. Counsellings are usually a total waste with morons. Sad :)


POWER TIP FOR HR PROFESSIONALS : A seriously large number of resumes carry false, wrong and exaggerated information. Do your cross-check thoroughly. In fact, at times I am surprised to read LinkedIn profiles of some people I know, claiming stuff that's beyond their capability, caliber or record


POWER TIP FOR FRESHERS : Flexibility, tolerance and good listening ability are the 3 magic bullets a fresher can use to propel his/her career at top pace. Flexibilty - to do whatever work the situation demands (even if at variance with your profile or education), Tolerance - towards the time it takes for a raise or promotion to happen, and Good Listening Ability - to ensure you keep absorbing. My old students often tell me - "Sandeep sir, this was one power tip that helped immensely in the first job!"

Will keep posting more from time to time!

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Neha Fatehchandani said...

Hi Sir,

Thanks for sharing your valuable inputs.
First question what crises achieve, I have faced it, and I must say it has helped me to clearly identify loyalists(Which are just too few). And it comes as a shock to experience it for the very first time.

MS-Excel, superb tip in fact I was glad to learn at PROTON and advance version learning by self now, as it the need to stay in corporate.

Tip for HR professionals: Amazing! Fake resumes, this is one of the biggest challenge an HR faces today.In IT, 1 out of 5 resumes is fake (source economic times). I have been sailing in this boat day in and out.

Neha Fatehchandani said...

Hi Sir,
Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable inputs.

First question,regarding crises I have faced it, and realized who are loyalists in my life(Which are too few), it's was a hard experience when faced for the very first time.

MS-Excel: Amazing! I was fortunate enough to learn at PROTON, and learning advance level by self, as it is necessity to stay in corporate.

Tip for HR Professional: Fake resumes is one of biggest challenge I face day in and out. In IT 1 out of 5 resumes is face(Source Economic times), the city which tops in this is Hyderabad(Source Silicon India. Hence HR'have to dig deep to extract true and genuine information.

Harpal singh said...

Great lessons!

Thank you sir

Harpal singh chouhan

Harpal singh said...

Great Lessons !

Thank u sir

Harpal singh chouhan

Tushar Rokade said...

This adds to the list of my do's! #motivation #respect

Shailendra said...

Thank you Sir for sharing power tips.

Nidhi Agarwal said...

Hello Sir

The first update - a powerful thought - not directly related but reminds of Ayn Rand's philosophy on Objectivism, especially the lines she said during her talk show with Tom Snyder - "The purpose of life is life itself." "The pursuit of man's happiness is the highest moral purpose of his life." "When you die, you're gone. This is it - just one life - you were not there before your birth & you'll not be there after your death to see what happens."
Also, it's connected to Indian Spiritualism when it says of disconnection from material permanence & participation in life whole-heartedly.
It’s interesting to see the relevance of such wonderful thoughts that warms up people to act – the thoughts that carry a legacy of similar or different beliefs from various schools of thought & retain permanent value in transient nature of life, long after men die.

Unknown said...

The blog is focusing on very basic nature every human being should possess.The notion of staying disconnected from material permanence is true.We all should try to overcome an evil which disguises us and leads us to a wrong path. Being pertinent to the fact of acquiring wealth at enormous rate,prorogue the ethics will lead us to inept life. Second important thing, we can learn is identifying friends and foe. At crucial times, people with real helping nature emerge and sycophant can thus be eliminated. This is great lesson to keep track of people besieging us and can make us smart so that no one could ever con us. Developing skills and adroitness in them will make a fresher excel in any field of his choice. Opportunities are always but for deserving candidates. A few very beautiful qualities are being mentioned that freshers should consider for their own betterment. Flexibility to do any task of or not relating to one's field, tolerant behavior and listening ability enhance one's personality to a great extent and can also help him achieve his/her desired goals.
-Prashant Tripathi

Unknown said...

good evening sir.
its nice... thanks for sharing your valuable inputs. it is really a powerful thought of anyone.

great lesson for me.
thanks sir.

Nilesh Nathe

Unknown said...

This blog mainly shows the qualities that every person should possess for
a successful life.It is true that success come to those people who make a move. The notion of staying disconnected from material permanence is true. most of us live in a delusion that every thing we achieve is permanent. for example if a company launch a new product so after some time it will be replaced by a new product.
we should try to overcome our incapablities. Only a single drop of liquor can split the whole milk.
It is true if a person is working in light then he will not able to bear dark.The three magic bullets tolerance, flexibility, and listening ability helps every student to achieve his/her goals.

Unknown said...

This blog mainly shows the attributes that every successful person should have in his/her life. success come only to those who make a move.The notion of staying disconnected from material permanence is true. for example if a company launches a new product and it is a successful launching, then company should not stop innovation because it will be replaced by another. we all should try to overcome our incapablities . only a single drop of liquor can split the whole milk.It is true that if we work continuously in light then we cannot work in black.flexibility,tolerance and listening ability is always necessary for students.


Greeting sir,

Beautifully captured the amazing power tips for corporate world struggles and their adventurous journey.

Your knowledgeable inputs open doors of our hopes and preventus from falling off the upcoming financial cliffs.

You drove home the point of how crisis is a friend of ours.
As very well said.."Every obstacle is an opportunity"

Crisis shows the oblivion face of reality staring at our face.
It makes us strong,help us learn and also help us identify the good and the bad.

As we know failure is a learning proces and is just a stepping stone.
The one who realizes it has got the
key to success.
"Winners never quit and Quitters never win"
so start winning and stop quitting.

Shreya Khandelwal