Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting started on Social Media? Five tips for you!

If you are one of the thousands who are just about to start their journey on the Social Media highway, and are eyeing a serious payoff from your efforts online, here are five powerful and direct tips to help you make your journey truly rewarding!

Let's fish!
Social Media is an extremely powerful, useful and evolving monster. It is huge, defies limiting definitions, and can cut both ways. If mastered properly from the beginning, then it may be extremely rewarding in the mid to long term. If done without a consistent thought, then efforts are likely to result more in frustration. And since the ocean of social media is teeming with all kinds of resplendent fish, it's important to learn some basics of fishing!

Here goes!

First Power Tip:  IT TAKES TIME

If you have just started building your serious presence on online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, YouTube etc., then remember the first golden rule - it takes significant time to develop rich, deep profiles that will interest a steady stream of followers. It just does not happen overnight. In that sense, social media property development resembles body building. It grows with time only. So do not be too impatient and even if you are, do not be frustrated with results too soon. Wait, and keep fertilising and irrigating your properties regularly. Incrementally, you will see growth. So, for example, your number of Facebook friends may grow much faster than the number of LinkedIn connections. That's how it generally is. So relax and let it happen.

Not everyone needs to develop similar kinds of social media assets. In fact, people can have entirely different needs, and hence social media assets. For a college student, Facebook and Twitter may be far more important than LinkedIn and Blogger. For a working professional with significant experience, it may be the reverse. For someone who wishes to remain young and professional at the same time (who doesn't!) it may be everything rolled into one. So the key question to ask every month is : what are my needs? what do I want from my investments into the social media assets I am creating? with my present approach am I reaching there?


Generally speaking, you must maintain a similar kind of profile on all platforms. Unless you are very senior, have a strong network across platforms, and can take liberty as per your wish, you must maintain the same touch. This includes pictures, posts, ideas, blogposts etc. As you evolve, you will realise the pluses and minuses of it.

Fourth Power Tip:  IT'S A TWO WAY JOURNEY

I, Social Media Master
All of us like when our posts are "liked" and commented upon by others. Others like it too. So the trick is to make sure that you genuinely reciprocate on others' posts as much as you would want to have it for yours. It really helps build a relationship with people. But be honest while doing it :)


It's a bad idea to get married to only one spouse in the social media asset game. Fortunes rise and fall overnight. Orkut was the king (in India till 2008-09) and vanished almost overnight when Facebook took over. People who had built excellent communities and profiles on Orkut lost a lot of real estate value.. but they had to migrate to Facebook nonetheless. Unfortunately there are no easy migration templates (there can't be!!) and hence it's back to scratch all over again.

So time to get started now! ATB.


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Anonymous said...

Great Articulation on Social Media

This article is all about, the prerequisite learning of basics of fishing before stepping in the journey of social media :

1) In starting, irrigate your properties regularly, be patient, and just work on make your profile rich. After sometime you would see, you social network on the right track automatically.

2) Try to capsulate your social media assets as per the addressee.

3) Try to read and comment on others' blogs and posts, this will make them to visit your blog and post too, that makes it Bipolar.

4)Try to be versatile i.e. tweets, FB posts, blogs, linkedin connections that makes more rigid towards the overnight falls and be prepare to germinate new branches if certain get swallowed by overnight falls.