Saturday, December 4, 2010


Oh the images that a Sunday conjures in our minds! Happiness, joy, enjoyment, togetherness. While we all have our own reasons to look forward to the weekly manna from heaven, I conducted a small survey among my social media friends, and here are the innocent, happy and amazingly enjoyable replies to the simple query - What is the one thing you enjoy doing on a Sunday?

The insights I got by asking a simple question were revealing. 360 degrees, in fact. From the apparently enjoyable act of merely dozing the day off, to the more cerebral tasks of planning and executing, the range is exciting! The more analytical minded of my readers will want to do a statistical post-mortem of this compilation. Go ahead! I am sure lovely learnings await.

A million thanks to all those who shared their thoughts.

For all marketing managers, here are the insights you were looking for. Now plan your budgets, and get cracking :)

What's the one thing you love to do the most on Sundays?

Kaushal Kasat - Sleeping, watching Movie, playing cricket and picnic.....
Pooja Khatri - Movies
Gireesh Nagar - Outing after a week long work.

Rohan A Shah - sleeping and sleeping and sleepimg
Shashank Upadhyay - Poha Jalebi, Family time
Dixit Javia - lunch with family, n hangout with friends and manage some events..
Ronak Shah - Want to attend college... gud one...
Gautam Gunjaria - Havin bread butter nd tea........
Chetan Chaudhary - Fun with friends,outing,dinner and at late night planning for next week.
Ajoy Sodani - prevent myself from thinking about Monday
Ruchi Dosi - Sleeping n cleaning of room
Piyush Dubey - On sunday, I feel like having the most perfect day of my life; a perfect lunch/dinner, a stimulating conversation with mates, casual yapping with friends and family, reading a good book in the afternoon and a perfect preparation for the next day.... Aah!! Eutopia... :)
Ibrahim Modiwala - planning 4 da next week ahead..........
Kirtan Chauhan - I Spend My Time For Spiritual Activity At BAPS Centre, Which Makes Me Feel That I Can Do Better For My Career, My Family And My Country To Live Happy.
Ritu Grover - Sleep """""""""
Amit Chaudhary - best 1 ll gt a prize..??
Akshay Joshi - learning learning & learning bcoz xm on head....
Sakshi Maheshwari - ‎@Sir - i try to make others (not only family but unknown too) happy as much as they can in a day.....
Kshitij Mahendra -
Shraddha Agrawal - Net surfing, Biking with frndzzzz, stroll with family and Muvizzzzz........ :-)
Farzana Nasreen - sLEEPING, gETTING lAZY, n sPOILIn aLL uR pLANS wAT u hAV mADE 4 sUNDAY.... ;-)
Krunal Gurav - waking late and hanging out wid friends
Ankita Patel - Sleeping nd roaming out wid frnds..
Prasad Maha - sleeping and listening music!!!!!
Monica Dagaria - Be the most lazy soul alive on the earth!!
Hina Bajpai - sleeping till 10 in morning,then again sleeping in afternoon,n going to bed early at night..
Mohit Jain - i love to learn something extra......... which does not relate wid our study bt necessary in our life.........:-)
Kunal Pursnani - Sir , my sunday morning is same as any other day as we are open 365 days :D but still i jus love the feeling of telling how good is to work in organised manner :)
Anant Dadhich - Roaming n making sundy=funday..
Amit Pandit - soccer in the evening!!! what can be better??
Shoaib Qureshi - spending more time in the shower...
Shanu Tembhre - obviously sir... Studies...
Kishan Mundra - Farming
Pooja Jain - Family time............... :) :) :)
Lokesh Kothari - Gng to ma shop...
Rohit Gandhe - party-sharty, movies
Gagandeep Singh - IIFT'S exam.....
Virendra Jain - Sit on couch wid strong hot tea and fried potato; and watch fox history..
Rajesh Pathak - Being with the family
Prateek Khatri - to complete and maintain account books
Aakanksha Jachak - Only riyaaz (mandatory n i cant miss that ever :-o) and then MASTI all da tym ... :-)
Neeraj Mishra - I Love to sleep on sunday...........
Nidhi Agrawal - refreshing:):)
Jay Jain - Relax.....
Nikita Patwa - what about a refreshing day with children in an NGO or OLD AGE home...osum outing for me really...because i hate sleeping on Sunday.
Himanshu Gupta - sleeping
Priya Bub - an outing,movies n spending some time with my ownselves!!!
Anil Pandey - I use to plan for my next week business priorities and i use to get more revenues as compare to my week days.
Manish Bhagtani - Baddy n Cricket....
Shivansh Mishra - listening oldies and driving
Hashwin Chawla - my sunday is mostly relaxin n rejuvenating frm d past week...i gv time to introspect my past week... wat gud, wat bad... wat improvements i shud make in myself... but spend my most of d tym to cum out of d stressful week i hv had, n sleep a... lot
Herwig Streubel - Sleep longer
Shersingh Baghel - I want to hang around with my buddies...
Uttam Gangesaria - Sleep.......
Kalindi Bhatt - listen classical music and read books which outof std.
Trapti Agrawal - njyg and dng unplanned thgs :)
Ratandeep Bhatia - waiting for monday........ to do some work..... i hate being idle..... I love being at work.... i jus wait for next sunday..... because its nt possible to do everything nd complete pending work in jus one sunday...
Sunil Rajput - i try hard to excute all the plan that made for sunday but always failed.
Sukrat Tamali Ray - Dal Bati in Lunch
Ruchi Jain - blogging.........
Kalpesh Rakhasia - i wud choose to marriage
Neha Fatehchandani - Spendng time with my niece and nephew.
Satyam Chauhan - Spending atleast 12 hr with "Skype"....!!!
Jaya Pande - Doing all d work which mom does normally n giving her ample time to makes my Sunday really fruitful
Malini Agrawal - Try to make my brain stop thinking about any work. :-) serenity
Shishupal Singh - sleep_sleep_sleep
Devansh Bhatt - spend the earnings of other days to enjoy sunday......cheers sir!!!!!  sm thng really parallely interesting to do other dan sleeping ....
Priyaj Vyas - hoping against the hope to have the next day also a "SUNDAY"
Akil Kotwala - playing cricket with all friend.........
Shailendra Verma - sleeping till 11 o'clock..
Mahesh Choure - Spending time with family and friends.
Shashi Singh Kushwah - sunday goes like a moment............hence I couldn't recall, what I do on sunday............
Kumud Chadhar - Offcourse sleep for long.....n other pending work of weekdays....
Shivam Jaiswal - reading PDF of GK lectures.....
Saransh Garg - taking rest sir.... n keepng mind lil offtrack frm d normal daily life....:)

So get set with your plans, and remember to share them with us!

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Respected Sir, -Interesting one question and so many answers -------------- but if I am working somewhere I go for a long drive------------------ aur usme bhi jagjit singh ki gazalo ke sath wah kya bat hai.

Unknown said...

Hello Sir,

Nice blog sir.I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.Sunday reinvigoratein our daily routine life.
Here i missed my Sunday choice so: music,chatting with friends,Net-surfing..!!
Satyawan Malhan

Unknown said...

the best day of the week ....... exactly one year back I used to think what makes Sunday so special why my family members enjoy this day??? and probably on the nights of Thursday's and Fridays keep on asking what day today is and after knowing the day they scratch their heads in annoyance and ask God why aren't there two Sundays in a week . it's been one year o have started helping my father in hiss business works and initially I enjoyed working even on Sundays but as the months passed by I know now how much I hate bloody Mondays and love Sundays feel like doing nothing and enjoy sleep so as to compensate the week passed by sleepless

Vipul Parwal

soma chourasia said...

Sunday means the holiday !!!
The day when get freedom from our daily routine and enjoy the day with the family .The enjoyment on this day gives energy for the whole week..
Sunday means long sleep...movies ..and enjoyment.