Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's dangerous for a teacher to blog!

Famous (last) words!

When a teacher starts to blog
He blogs, blogs, blogs, and blogs                  
Emotions, memories, tribulations put to animation
That's their style, and there's just no asphyxiation
They say it's dangerous to hand over a mike to a teacher
You can only hand it over, and then wait for it to get over
But it never does, as the teacher goes on and on and on
For his emotions, he wants an audience, Spot On!
Those who said this, really never saw a teacher blog
For with infinite storage space, multimedia tools, and a microphone on call
He also speaks & emotes as he blogs
Poor soul! He takes some time to realise
The computer is dead, he (it) doesn't respond
Horrendous though to many sound it may
Even Google (blogger) finds it hard to tame
This spirit of an eloquent teacher
Is like the insatiable flame
That consumed London once upon a time long ago
Passion, thrill and vision come in handsful with gusto
So shall my blog posts be
That's a promise I make to you
Or rather to myself?
That accompanied to the ocean of words & learnings & fun shall you be done
If you have the stamina to digest this free one (my blog, i.e.)
Fiction, Science, Comics, Theology, Physics, and Evolution
Is my avocation
I just love to read
And to put into practice the good that I read
To share with my loved ones
What I feel is the essence of all wisdom
That it grows when you share
And withers otherwise
Is what they said to us through the ages, the old and the wise
I loved it when Einstein talked of the giants' shoulders over which he peeped
And those Newton's meanderings on the beach of the mighty ocean of truth that lay unseeked
Of Richard Feynman's cracking safes where nuclear codes lay dangerously
Oh so beautiful, Darwin's observations that destroyed all religion till date convincingly!
But religion doesn't die, does it? It bounces back
Just like a teacher! Oh just like a teacher!
So the journey has begun
Never to end
To continue till the end
For life is all about the great unbounded joy of giving, sharing, loving, and growing
Those who miss this, their education is a waste
How many I see regularly being laid to, this, this waste
Enjoy my readers and feed me with your ideas

Together, I am sure, we grow!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much sir to start blogging.
By this, we can be delighted by your insightful thoughts anytime and from anywhere.

Test said...

Thanks Hulesh. I hope it helps everyone!

Yashwant said...

Thank you very much sir for enlightening all of us through valuable blogging and our PROTON SRC's Read and Grow section.

Yashwant Chandrawanshi

Test said...

Thanks Yashwant. This is just the beginning. Together we all will make this a great learning tool!

Anurag Jain said...

Good morning Sir..
Thank you,
Thank you very much Sir to start blogging and SRC's read and grow section.

Unknown said...

sir,it's true about what u said about the teacher but sir we just love to hear from you. it doesn't matter how much in the lenth you speak..

Jagrat4life said...

Sir, 365*12*24 hours would not be sufficient year round to satisfy the thirst for the knowledge spring emerging out of you.

Thanks a lot Sir.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
It was an interesting read. Full of emotions of a teacher who is willing to share his wisdom to enlighten many souls. It feels proud to have mentor like you. And by each passing day I am getting all the more attached with PROTON.

Juhi Jain

Test said...

Jagrat, Nikhil, Anurag - thanks for reading and commenting!

Juhi - good to hear that. When you pass out, we will always be connected through the Alumni Portal. So that'll be one big family of Protons around the world. Best wishes!